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names aimie & i found on facebook yes these... - ☺☺☺

names aimie & i found on facebook

yes these people are real:

Dray-Day OptimusPrime FatherHood

Titi Givindem’sumthng Tohateon

Gabriella Bout’brokeyaneck Clowers

Swagguh Two-Gzz Duece

Raekwon RayRay EastsxdeSavaqe

Playamoney SexAddicted Thompson

Misses’Fckedyobishh And’Drownedyofish

Smacktacular Sayfukit Jusgetpaid

Gayland Hung’low Lu’kang Sherrill

Keegan MakinlovetodaMoney

Just Dhat Fine Dunlap

LilMisz PrettyLightskinned Stayfocus

Priincess’Bubbles Lovin’Baby Alyssa

Sashya Aintboutdatmess Gravesandy

Julius Callmewatchawant Mason

Ultraa Lordd Dawq’

jesus take the wheel omg

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    i was literally dying when i was reading these names ok
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